Google Analytics

Display all your analytics on a single or multiple dashboards. Combine multiple Accounts to report in one place. Coming soon we will allow alerting and thresholds to be set around your analytics.

Page Checks

Harness the strength of our page check monitors to check your site and pages are responding. Maybe you will find our powerful regex and custom logic options priceless to build more complex checks. We can specify input or analyze output to give you a powerful mechanism to really dig deep into your sites pages.

Web Pings

Instantly know the status of any system on your network or in the cloud. With near realtime web ping support you can get a health snapshot of your critical systems. View over time how your systems are responding or patterns to eliminate down down. This type of data is invaluable to a business in identifying why or where a critical system failed to perform.

SSL Checks

Monitor your SSL enabled sites and pages. See how many days you have until your SSL Certificates expire. Get different warnings at 30 days, 10 days and 5 days so you never fail to renew your site certificates.

Visual Dashboards

See your systems on large screens, tablets or mobiles. Having an instant snapshot of your systems gives you confidence in your systems. Some customers love to display their dashboards on large office screens for all to see. Others just monitor on their phones.

Custom CSS and Domain

Fully customize your dashboards with your company or individual branding. Use your own domain name to keep your dashboards under your own brand name. Use our default templates as a base or start fresh with full CSS access. Password protect each dashboard and distribute under your own domain name.



If you want to watch your websites and systems to ensure you get the maximum availability that you or your host provider are responsible for, look no further. If you want to make sure that the systems installed in your organization function without downtime, look no further. We provide you with a cutting edge website and systems monitoring solution that works great. We are constantly improving our systems so why not benefit from our bespoke dash items.

Customer Experience

Any negative experience that a user finds with your website could potentially stop them ever visiting your site again. If your site is down briefly a user may not notice. However, if your site is down unknowingly for a period of time that could be too late. A website that loads slow, goes down again and again, or becomes unresponsive potentially costs your company money. We can measure your systems response times, check pages are rendering ok and that SSL certificates are valid.

Multiple Tests

We provide several types of checks to ensure your sites and systems are running as expected. Use a combination of simple dash items or get more creative and use the complexities of RegEx or Inversion of results.


Be up and running in minutes on a free or paid plan and instantly get the information and confidence you need in your systems. Get definitive downtime, server response times, page reliability and access security within your site.


Our monitoring solution has been designed to provide you with real-time information on your websites so that you can visually see, analyze, and improve issues as they occur.


Now! Sometimes it's hard to identity what's caused an outage, get help with this now. Point our software at multiple systems and we will show or notify you when something unexpected happens allowing you to detect cascading issues.


Utilising cloud technology our dashboards are accessible anywhere - office, home or on the go. We're accessible on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. We monitor many targets simultaneously on one or more dashboards. Use a PageCheck to seek out expected text on a page while also simultaneously checking the SSL validity of the site, using a WebPing against the server and keeping analytics for the page on visitors or goals.


Get real-time notifications of issues. We understand that you cannot always sit and monitor your dashboards. Our paid plans have a robust alert system that can provide different status updates and extended information to help you diagnose issues. Dashboards refresh quickly but alerts can notify groups or users not visually able to see a dashboard.


We have loads of options within our dash items that let you build complex queries. Alongside this we allow on paid plans complete customisation of CSS and use of your own domain name.



  • 24 dash items on one great dashboard
  • 3 minute checks
  • Includes PageCheck and WebPing dash items
  • No time limit
  • 1 User
  • Theme Selector


£4.59 /month
  • 120 dash items across five great dashboards
  • 1 minute checks (Configurable)
  • Includes Analytics and SSL dash items
  • Includes PageCheck and WebPing dash items
  • 5 Users
  • Notifications, Custom CSS and Custom Domain
  • Discounted to £45.99 £89.99 for annual payments


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